Meet ‘The Sage Sisters’

Lash3Yolanda Spivey writes on a variety of topics and a list of her essays can be found on The Spivey Report.  She can be reached at ____________.


Sherridan King is the founder of  The House of Sage.  She is passionate about living a clean, natural and healthy life style.  She states, “I’m not perfect and I enjoy things that are not so healthy, but I am conscious and not oblivious.”  Sherridan’s is at peace making her own natural body products and she has a love for Farmer Markets. She feels most accomplished when cooking healthy whole foods for her family.


  Millicent Clark lives in Texas and needs to submit a bio to the Sage Sisters.  LOL.


 Kim Roberts is an International Make Up Artist, Corporate Beauty Educator and founder of FACESbeautygroup. She can be reached at


 PdubSparkles Alldatime




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